Blood Spots

Treatments to remove blood spots, skin tags and warts are part of the advanced cosmetic procedures we offer at our clinic in Cheshire, near to Manchester.

Sometimes blood spots, also known as Cambell de Morgan spots, are bright red and normally only a few centimetres in diameter. They can be removed instantly by laser or electro-cauterisation.

Although they do not cause any problem, they are usually removed for cosmetic reasons only. Often they can be seen on the chest, abdomen or arms but can be anywhere found anywhere on the body. The after care treatment is minimal and, although the spots may look darker immediately after treatment, they will disappear quite soon.


A client of mine asked about removing white hair with the laser. It’s not possible, but removing blonde hair using Electrolysis can do the job perfectly.

I personally think that weekly appointments are better for this method of hair removal. That is because hair still needs to be in the growing stage and tweezing the hair just makes the results further and further away – and for most people, tweezing is an absolute necessity.

If someone can give even 5 minutes per week it is better than 15 minutes every 3 weeks and the cost is minimal. I think it works out at about £1 per week more!

I honestly believe that any woman would like to be hair free – especially strong white hair on the face.

Our staff at the Greater Manchester clinic in Cheshire have had training using Apilus electrolysis technology which offers pain-free hair removal.

Alkalin Wash

If someone has what we call ‘peach fuzz’, then Alkaline Wash can reduce soft downy hair on the face. It’s quite a strong preparation, and therefore not available to everyone, but it works well on this type of growth.

It is a powder, when mixed with de-ionised water, makes a paste which is then applied to the offending area. It is kept damp whilst working, timed very carefully, and then removed with cold water. It removes any surface hair and also works by gradually making the follicles redundant. Afterwards something is applied to re-address the skin.

It works by instantly removing any offending hair, and to reduce facial hair regrowth substantially. Treatments are needed only about every 6 – 8 weeks and then, once the growth has subsided enough, leave it forever. This treatment is only for vellous type hair – peach fuzz.

You can stop having Alkaline Wash treatment when ever you think it has reduced enough.

Sun Block

Did you know that when you have laser hair removal, you should always use a sunblock? Really doesn’t matter what the weather does – sun or cloud – use your sunblock!

Even if you aren’t having hair removal with laser, a sunblock will keep your skin looking much younger.

Dunham Consulting near Altrincham in Cheshire supplies Danné sun block which is a highly recommended SPF 30 double strength block that protects skin from damaging ultraviolet A and B rays.

This transdermal base sunblock is water-resistant to be used under makeup, and it never gets greasy.

You can order it online at

Nd.Yag laser for permanent hair removal

We use a long-pulsed Nd.Yag laser and get fantastic results. It’s suitable for all skin tones and most hair colours. Lighter hair colours don’t work well with lasers, but we do have other treatments for red, grey and blonde hair tones.

We charge simply by time with no upfront payments for hair removal courses so you won’t be tied in to taking treatments you don’t want. Laser charges are only £30 per 10 minutes and to give you an example, usually the underarms [both] take only 10 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal

Someone asked the other day about having laser hair removal on blonde hair. It simply will not work, I said, because laser needs some colour in the follicle in order to absorb the laser energy.

If you can imagine pointing a laser, used for hair removal, at a white wall or a piece of white paper – switch the laser on – nothing will happen because the laser beam will pass through it without affecting it. That’s what happens when the hair is white, or red for that matter, nothing happens!

If instead you used black paper or a brown or blue wall, or any colour other than red, you would leave a hole in it. That is because the laser beam will permanently destroy anything with colour in it.

It’s for this reason that we remove any surface hair so that the laser beam will only affect the follicle and destroy it. White, grey or red hair needs Electrolysis.