Alkalin Wash

If someone has what we call ‘peach fuzz’, then Alkaline Wash can reduce soft downy hair on the face. It’s quite a strong preparation, and therefore not available to everyone, but it works well on this type of growth.

It is a powder, when mixed with de-ionised water, makes a paste which is then applied to the offending area. It is kept damp whilst working, timed very carefully, and then removed with cold water. It removes any surface hair and also works by gradually making the follicles redundant. Afterwards something is applied to re-address the skin.

It works by instantly removing any offending hair, and to reduce facial hair regrowth substantially. Treatments are needed only about every 6 – 8 weeks and then, once the growth has subsided enough, leave it forever. This treatment is only for vellous type hair – peach fuzz.

You can stop having Alkaline Wash treatment when ever you think it has reduced enough.

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